Revolutionary Cancer Treatment

Effective, Non-toxic and Scientific

Too Low-cost to be offered by cancer hospitals. (It really is true!)

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Healing of a lady in USA in 2023
Healing of hard-to-treat tumors of a lady on the west coast of the USA by GEIPE treatment in 2023

Revolutionary New Treatment for Skin Cancer

Our Mission:

Making available a scientific, effective, non-surgical, non-toxic & low-cost cancer treatment to masses. (Too good is true here!) The current GEIPE protocol is suitable for all skin cancers and is an excellent alternative to Mohs surgery or IG-SRT.

GEIPE stands for:
Gentle Electrotherapy to Inhibit (block) Pivotal Enzyme

Full GEIPE logo

Our Challenge/Promise:

In California, if you let us treat your visible tumor (not stone-hard) with our non-toxic, non-surgical treatment, you will see clear observable benefit within 2 weeks, otherwise, we will pay you $5,000.

Therapy Availability:

This non-surgical cancer treatment is available globally for near-surface tumors (all skin cancers, some breast and prostate cancers) as a home-remedy, initially supervised via video conference.

Though scientific, this treatment may be called complimentary, holistic, natural or alternative.

Successful skin cancer treatment of 2 patients -- from a 2014 Scientific Publication

Healing of 2 patients from 2014 publication

G E I P E: Gentle Electrotherapy to Inhibit (block) Pivotal Enzyme

Novel GEIPE Cancer Treatment

The Promise and the Struggle

Scientific & Effective - yet Languishing Cancer Therapy

This effective, alternative cancer treatment has been ignored for over 30 years. It is non-surgical, non-toxic, and based on science. The reason it's overlooked is that it is very cheap and cannot be patented. The sad truth is that healing cancer patients is a secondary concern for cancer institutions. Their main goal is to make money or ensure their own survival.

This natural treatment for skin and other cancers works by blocking a key enzyme called Ribonucleotide Reductase (RnR). This enzyme is crucial for DNA synthesis and cell growth. It converts the building blocks of RNA into DNA. The activity of this enzyme is strongly linked to cancer growth. This is clearly shown in the table below:


The free radical (unpaired electron) at the active site of the enzyme RnR can be neutralized. This happens when an electron in a low-level electric current pairs it up. Thus gentle electrotherapy would disable the enzyme RnR and arrest cancer growth. Alas, this therapy would cripple the cash flow of cancer institutions; hence they won't touch it!

Two scientific publications, from 1997 and 2014, explain the theory behind this (GEIPE) cancer treatment, along with plenty of experimental evidence from studies on both animals and humans:

GEIPE cancer treatment - 1997 Scientific Publication

GEIPE cancer treatment - 2014 Scientific Publication

The latest published scientific article on the subject is a review:

"Biochemistry – Not Oncogenes – May Demystify and Defeat Cancer" (2023)

Non-Surgical Skin Cancer Treatment

GEIPE is revolutionizing skin cancer treatment. It uses mild direct current to destroy cancer cells, no surgery needed. Patients avoid scars, pain, and lengthy recovery times. The safe, non-surgical procedure is perfect for delicate areas like the face.

GEIPE offers hope for those seeking an alternative to traditional -- toxic and partially-effective -- methods.

With GEIPE, there's no cutting or radiation involved. Instead, it harnesses electrons in electric current to target and eliminate cancerous growths precisely. This innovative approach minimizes trauma to surrounding healthy tissue.

Understandably, facing skin cancer diagnosis can be daunting. However, GEIPE provides a gentler superior solution, allowing patients to maintain their quality of life. By avoiding toxic side effects, individuals can resume normal activities quickly after treatment. The future looks brighter thanks to this groundbreaking medical advancement.

New Melanoma Cancer Treatment

Though basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) are much more common skin cancers, it is melanoma that is far more dangerous. It begins when melanocytes -- the cells that produce melanin -- begin to replicate and grow abnormally. If not controlled early, it can metastasize and become fatal.

GEIPE therapy is a non-toxic, non-surgical and scientific method of treating melanoma. The GEIPE device is portable and can be used at home with a little supervision. It uses gentle electric current to block the enzyme that causes cancerous cells to grow. This revolutionary method to treat melanoma is effective without any side-effects, which makes it an attractive alternative to Mohs surgery, IG-SRT, chemo or radiation therapy.

Since each skin cancer occurrence is unique in its location, size and shape, we make customized electrodes for each patient. Still, this melanoma treatment is very affordable. To avail this ground-breaking non-surgical melanoma treatment, please click on the 'Get Started' or 'Contact Us' link.

Validation by Top Cancer Institutions

Top research institutions like National Cancer Institute and MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston have acknowledged the validity of this approach to treat cancer. See this letter from June 1994:

Response from MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston

It stated: "...the [electrotherapy] information are interesting and deserving of further investigation." ..."We will keep the material on file should opportunities arise to study the effects of electric currents on regression of tumors."

That "opportunity" has not come in more than 30 years, though funds needed to explore electrotherapy would be minuscule.

We have repeatedly written to hundreds of cancer institutions worldwide. This includes Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer, Mayo Cancer Center and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. MD Anderson Cancer Center was one of the very few that responded.

The status quo is lucrative to many; oncologists giving chemotherpy or radiation treatments want to protect their jobs.

Scientific Proof of Efficacy of This Treatment

The very first cancer electrotherapy study was published in 1959 in journal 'Science'. In it, two Johns Hopkins scientists reported "total regression" of tumors in 60% of mice. This result was remarkable for an initial study.

Article in 'Science' about effectiveness of Electrotherapy (1959)

Mysteriously, no follow up studies were done.

In 1985, a study in the top journal 'Cancer Research' reported very significant results. Tumors shrank by up to 98% after just 5 hours of gentle electrotherapy over 5 days. This was almost a complete cure.

Article in 'Cancer Research' - high effectiveness of Electrotherapy (1985)

Despite such positive results, further funding was denied. Please see 1995 letter of the lead author to me:

Letter to me of lead scientist of the 1985 study

Together, we applied for a grant from CapCure but were declined.

Help of National Cancer Institute; Inaction by City of Hope

In 1994, National Cancer Institute found my ideas "very interesting". They referred me to Dr. Chou at the City of Hope Medical Center near LA, who was working with electric currents.

Letter of Response from National Cancer Institute

His colleague Dr. Y. Yen - PhD and MD, who had just moved from Yale -- happened to be working with the enzyme RnR. He fully agreed with my premise. But City of Hope management nixed the collaboration, as the therapy would not bring [moneyed] patients.

Outcome of meeting at City of Hope

Dr. Y. Yen continued to research the enzyme RnR. He has published dozens of papers and emphasizes that inhibiting RnR is an important goal in designing anti-cancer drugs.

Ribonucleotide reductase inhibitors and future drug design

Such chemo drugs have limited effectiveness and high toxicity. Dr. Yen does not mention that the enzyme RnR can be easily disabled by a mild electric current in a non-toxic way.

He recently became president of Taipei Medical University, Taiwan. In May 2016, I sent him my two publications, and implored him to explore and standardize the therapy. He was "glad to know your good progress..." but claimed "I moved to Taiwan and no longer work on this project."

How? In 2016, he published at least two papers on enzyme RnR. The Taipei Medical University has a large "Center for Cancer Research" with 25+ scientists, including Dr. Yun Yen. Do cancer researchers not work on finding better treatments? Otherwise WHAT DO THEY DO?

India's top Cancer Hospital showed interest, then balked - twice

In 1997, a scientific publication about this new cancer therapy was sent to over 300 cancer institutions worldwide. Only Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, India's top cancer institution, showed interest in exploring this treatment further. See their letter:

1998 Letter of Cooperation of Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India

However, within a year, during the making of a suitable equipment, the hospital lost interest.

In 2010, this treatment effectively treated cancer in two human patients. Tata Memorial Hospital was contacted for the 2nd time. They responded again. (They must be highly praised for this since other cancer institutions of the world kept quiet.) The director of the hospital, Dr. Anil K. D'Cruz, started exchanging emails with me. I answered his various questions. Then suddenly he stopped the communication. I sent 9 emails, he sent 7. These emails can be seen at the link below:

Emails exchanged in 2010 with director of Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

Obviously, the hospital sees potential in this cancer therapy. However, they are hesitant to take such a major step that would turn the most expensive treatment into the least expensive. No hospital wants its income to go down...

Universality of GEIPE Cancer Treatment

This non-toxic cancer treatment should work for all cancers since malignant cells in any tissue need to synthesize DNA to grow. At molecular level, cancer is a single disease!

We offer our GEIPE device for visible or palpable cancers only because these can be treated at home without help from a medical professional. Otherwise, the principle of GEIPE treatment (use of gentle electricity) is universally applicable, as shown by the following examples.

●► Two news items from mid-2022 about treating prostate cancer provide validation:

From the OregonLive in USA:
Surgical innovation uses electrical pulses to beat prostate cancer, technique called 'game-changer'

From the Telegraph in UK:
One-hour operation could cure prostate cancer by destroying tumours with electric currents

●► Already in use to treat brain and spinal cord tumors:

See this link in Nature journal:
FDA Approves New Electrical Fields Device for Brain Tumor Treatment

And, this link at
Alternating Electric Field Therapy for Adult Brain & Spinal Cord Tumors

●► Proven effective for leukemia using The Kanzius Machine:

The esteemed newsmagazine "60 Minutes" of CBS has broadcast two episodes on The Kanzius Machine for treating cancer.

Apr. 2008 - 1st "60 Minutes" Episode on Kanzius Machine

Oct. 2009 - 2nd "60 Minutes" Episode on Kanzius Machine

A radio engineer named John Kanzius, who had leukemia, built a machine that uses radio waves to produce a stream of electrons (RF current). This is shown by a fluorescent tube lighting up when placed in the path. When they first looked at the machine, he and Dr. S. Curley from MD Anderson Cancer Center thought it could do something amazing. They thought its RF current could heat metal nanoparticles in cancer. They hoped this would cook and destroy the tumor.

However, out of desperation, Mr. Kanzius began treating himself with only RF current, no metal. Surprisingly, his leukemia started to go away. (Unbeknownst to him, most likely he was blocking the enzyme RnR thereby destroying cancer.) Mr. Kanzius was almost completely healed but unfortunately, he was made to go thru an intense chemo regime. The toxicity of the drug, according to Dr. Curley, killed him.

Dr. S. Curley continued studying the Kanzius machine. After a few years, he found it could heal without any extra agent like metal nanoparticles. But that machine is NOT available to any cancer patient! A private company now owns it and has taken it off the market, for reasons you can guess.

Luckily, RF currents can be produced at multiple radio frequencies, including in CB radio range. Thus cancer patients can benefit from this protocol of GEIPE therapy once parameters are standardized.

Why this may be the most scientific cancer treatment

Dr. James Watson, a leader in molecular biology, is co-discoverer of the double-helix model of DNA. He spent 40 years researching cancer genetics. On May 12, 2016 in New York Times, he stated:

Locating the genes that cause cancer has been "remarkably unhelpful"... If he were going into cancer research today, he would study biochemistry rather than molecular biology. [highlights added]

And according to biochemistry,
  • All transformations in a biological cell are mediated by one or more enzymes.
  • The most important enzyme for cell growth is Ribonucleotide Reductase (RnR). It controls the key step in DNA synthesis. (Various cancer chemo drugs aim to block this enzyme, but with only partial success and much attendant toxicity.)
  • This GEIPE therapy disables RnR by biophysical means. It is a non-toxic treatment with high degree of efficacy in both animals and humans.
  • There is considerable evidence that cancer is initiated at the active-site of the enzyme RnR. (Dr. Y Yen certainly thinks so.) Thus by targeting this enzyme, we may be nipping cancer in the bud. Please see the published article on this subject:
    "Biochemistry – Not Oncogenes – May Demystify and Defeat Cancer" (2023)

The Best Treatment for Skin and Near-skin Cancers

We provide our device for cancers that are on or close to the skin surface. These are cancers that can be seen or felt. We also cover prostate cancer because it can be felt from urologist's way of probing. All of these can be non-surgically treated at home. Sometimes, you may need some initial supervision, which is provided over the internet.

The device can treat all types of skin cancers: basal cell, squamous cell, Merkle cell, melanoma, or Kaposi sarcoma. This scientific treatment is:

  • Effective
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-invasive, non-surgical (using surface electrodes)
  • Very Affordable; in fact, too low-cost to be offered by oncologists

It's fair to say it's the best skin cancer treatment around, much better than Mohs surgery or IG-SRT. Though entirely scientific, this treatment may be called holistic, complimentary, natural or alternative. As an exception, here too good is true! Please reach us from contact us page.

Recent Recognition of Our Treatment

In early 2024, a cancer care charity of the UK's interviewed us on their radio show:

Interview with the UK's integrative cancer care charity "Yes to Life"

Treatable Cancers:

With the GEIPE device we currently have, most VISIBLE OR PALPABLE CANCERS (unless they are stone hard) are treatable as a supervised home-remedy:

Oral cancers (tongue, mouth, palate, gum, lip, neck, throat, buccal mucosa), facial cancers (chin, nose, cheek, head, temple), Merkel cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, (all skin cancers) some breast cancers and lymphoma. Also, fast-growing prostate cancers.