Collaboration Promises of Tata Memorial Hospital, India - and inaction




I had sent the 1997 scientific publication about cancer electrotherapy to all cancer institutions in the world. Very few responded. The Tata Memorial Hospital not only responded by also showed interest in conducting further studies with animals and humans.

I replied giving information about equipment, optimum current, voltage, frequency and other procedural details. When they did not contact me for some time, I wrote them again after 4 months. Got a reply that they will make suitable equipment and will keep me informed of the progress. (See that letter here.) That was in August 1998. I did not hear from them after that.

In 2010, after this treatment was successfully able to treat cancer of two human patients, I contacted Tata Memorial Hospital again. They again responded. Director of the Hospital, Dr Anil K. D'Cruz, started exchanging emails with me on the subject.

I answered in those emails that GEIPE is very different from electroporation. He wanted "a synopsis of the trial" that he could present in their DMG (perhaps Disease Management Group/Guidelines), before submitting to their Institutional Review Board. I prepared and sent a 2-page proposal for GEIPE clinical trials. After this I received only one email from him, saying he is very busy. No reply to my next email. (All the emails can be seen here; I sent 9 emails and he 7.)

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