1994 and other Responses of National Cancer Institute - and Inaction




NCI referred me to Dr. C. K. Chou at City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, which is near Los Angeles. Getting an appointment with him was easy. My four-hour meeting with him and his colleague & friend Dr. Yun Yen went extremely well. Per chance, Dr. Yun Yen, an oncologist and scientist who was working with enzyme ribonucleotide reductase (RnR), had recently joined the staff of the City of Hope. He fully agreed with my line of thinking and showed interest in collaboration to explore gentle electrotherapy. However, the management of the institution nixed the idea of any such project since it would not bring [moneyed] patients. (For more details, please see this link.)

I wrote to National Cancer Institute again, asking if they could conduct such studies at their own facility. They certainly have wherewithal to do so. They declined.

Over the years, I have written to NCI multiple times. Certainly wrote to them when my scientific publications about this therapy came out in 1997 and 2014. Being a taxpayer-funded institution, they are obligated to respond. But those responses have been canned unlike the above first response.

In my last letter to them in 2017, I stated, your institution can take initiative to offer this remarkable treatment to those cancer patients for whom traditional cancer therapies have failed. There is no dearth of such suffering cancer patients, and this non-toxic treatment will be a dream-come-true for them because of its established efficacy. (Resources required to setup a facility to provide this treatment are miniscule, less than what a single cancer patient usually pays for his/her treatment.)

Within a few days, came an almost pro-forma reply that their staff is overloaded with work to evaluate my suggestions.

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