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An Appeal to public at large

We need to start a grass-root movement of concerned citizens, cancer patients, journalists and elected representatives who ask cancer institutions why the scientific, non-toxic and effective GEIPE cancer treatment is not being explored and offered? Please use the word of mouth and social media to spread the message.

This treatment is very low-cost and would certainly be very disruptive to many who are employed in the field of cancer. But should cancer patients keep suffering and dying because the status-quo provides jobs to so many in cancer-care and cancer-research fields?


NOTE: Our GEIPE device and electrodes are best suited for visible or palpable tumors like oral cancers (tongue, mouth, palate, buccal mucosa, throat, lip, neck), facial cancers (chin, nose, cheek, head, temple), various other skin cancers including Merkel Cell Carcinoma, some breast cancers and lymphoma. Also, fast-growing prostate cancers.