Revolutionary Cancer Treatment

Effective, Non-toxic and Scientific

Too Low-cost to be offered by cancer hospitals. (It really is true!)

Treated Patients


Progressive Healing of Cancer Patients


Note: We paused promoting this therapy mid-2011 to mid-2021 due to lack of funds.

Healing of Recent Patients


Dear Visitor:

Most of the patients who contact us via the Internet are in very late stages of cancer. Even in such conditions, the GEIPE device has been able to reduce their cancer-related pain.

Two of the patients in this list of four were 80-or-more year old. Oncologists had nothing to offer them for their facial tumors. This new cancer treatment came through.

One patient was treated by a doctor in Nigeria, but her hospital did not want her to continue in this endeavor.

In 2010-2011, we went to India for 18 months but could find only one oncologist who would work with us and even he stopped cooperating after seeing healing in the two patients he had given. We soon ran out of funds.

But starting in 2022, with some savings, another push to promote this breakthrough cancer treatment is being made.

Our GEIPE device is best suited to treat visible or palpable tumors since in such situations, electrodes can be placed externally with minor supervision. (The prostate cancer is also 'palpable' from the point of view of a urologist.)

The gentle electrotherapy should be applicable to all variety of cancers since every biological cell -- no matter located in which organ of the body -- needs to synthesize its DNA to grow, and this therapy blocks that synthesis in malignant cells. However, to treat internal cancers like lever or colon, hospital setting and surgeons are needed so electrodes can be implanted internally around the cancerous tissue.