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Too Low-cost to be offered by cancer hospitals. (It really is true!)

Interview by the UK's integrative cancer care charity

So Called 'Shock Therapy' interview

(The title "Shock Tactic" given by them to our interview is rather unfortunate since GEIPE therapy uses very mild electric current so that no patient feels any shock during the treatment. In fact, the electric power used by us is about 1/100th of what is used by TENS electrotherapy devices. Listeninng to the interview will clarify things.)

'Yes to Life' is a 20-year old London-based integrative cancer care charity. Its chairman & founder Robin Daly interviewed Jay Kulsh over the Internet for his radio show while Jay was traveling in India in early 2024. (Jay Kulsh is based in California.) If you wish to listen to this interview on their website, please click on the headset icon there, as shown below:

So Call 'Shock Therapy' interview

From their website:
Jay Kulsh has spent three decades pushing for recognition and formal trialling of electrotherapy, a promising avenue for cancer treatment. An early encounter with a promising and innovative avenue for the treatment of cancer with electricity launched Jay Kulsh on a journey which has occupied three decades -- so far. The beauty of his proposed treatment is that it applies to the process of cancer and is therefore not cancer-specific, and potentially of benefit to vast numbers of people. This potential has also proved to be a major obstacle to generating any interest in trialling the concept, as it threatens established financial and reputational interests. Jay has become used to facing closed doors at the very centres where he initially expected the greatest interest, and so has more recently redirected his attention to informing people with cancer directly.