A 60-yr old woman treated in Nigeria

Sinus/palate tumor successfull healed

NOTE: This study has been published in a medical journal:

Oji, Chima et. al. (2010) Destruction of an advanced malignant tumour by direct electrical current-case report. Health 2(9) 1049-1053.

A doctor in Nigeria treated a 60-yr old woman with GEIPE therapy who had carcinoma of sinus/palate. The treatment was given over 17 weeks. Here are some of the photos:

Nigerian Woman - Photo 1
Nigerian Woman - Photo 2
Nigerian Woman - Photo 3
Nigerian Woman - Photo 4

Backstory: In Oct 2005, at the request of Dr. Chima Oji of Nigeria, we sent our rather primitive (non-electronics) GEIPE device, custom electrodes (needle and surface), gel, etc. to her.

After 2 years, in Oct 2007, she informed me that she has been able to successfully treat stage-4 squamous cell carcinoma of a woman with GEIPE protocol. She ended up using a different device, built on the same principle, by her electrician friend Goddy Oku (who had initially told her about this treatment), since original device did not pass enough current for the tumor and batteries ran out too soon.

During the treatment, the current passed fluctuated between 5 and 8 mA. After initially treating for 1 and then 2 hours, they treated the patient about 8 hours a day, for 17 weeks. The patient felt enough relief to want to continue. Even after one year, cancer had not returned...

The medical director of the hospital was unwilling to cooperate in the trials of this new cancer treatment. The patient was treated while the director was away in USA for six months.


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