A 93-yr old man treated in USA

Merkel cell carcinoma Successfully healed

When GEIPE treatment was applied to the Merkel cell carcinoma on upper cheek of a 93-year old man in Florida, over a few months; it entirely disappeared:

Florida man - Photo 1
Florida man - Photo 2
Florida man - Photo 3
Florida man - Photo 4

Backstory: In mid-2008, when a 93-year old man in Florida was suffering from Merkel cell carcinoma, his son-in-law Robert Hill came to know about cancer electrotherapy from his acquaintance Mike V. who was a member of a Yahoo Cancer Group where I had posted a message about GEIPE treatment.

Robert Hill happened to be an electronics engineer so he built a GEIPE device suitable to treat his father-in-law and corresponded with me about the protocol. Initially he made two tiny curved brass electrodes to put on either side of the semi-spherical tumor. Passing 0.2 to 0.3 milliamps current for 2 hours per day for a few days showed clear benefit.

After tumor shrank a bit, on my suggestion, he decided to cover tumor with only one electrode and put another passive (larger) 2"x2" electrode on other side of the face on cheek.

The cancer electrotherapy continued for 3 hours per day on weekdays and 4 to 8 hours on weekend days. (An average of about 4 hours per day.) In 12 weeks, the tumor had disappeared. This made a huge difference in the quality of life for the father-in-law. This is by far, the best cancer treatment for facial cancers like Merkel cell carcinomas.

This was the first time someone had used an electronics device to administer cancer electrotherapy. Within a year or so, we got a sophisticated (constant current and/or constant voltage) GEIPE electronic device manufactured for all future treatments.


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