An 80-yr old woman treated in India

Merkel cell carcinoma on eye-lid melted away

The tumor of this patient grew on the top of her right eyelid over the years. The solid malignant mass was very prone to bleeding.. GEIPE treatment stopped the growth of the tumor and caused necrosis of cancer cells. The tumor slowly melted away....

Elderly Indian lady - Photo 1
Elderly Indian lady - Photo 2
Elderly Indian lady - Photo 3
Elderly Indian lady - Photo 4
Elderly Indian lady - Photo 5
Elderly Indian lady - Photo 6
Elderly Indian lady - Photo 7
Elderly Indian lady - Photo 8
Elderly Indian lady - Photo 9
Elderly Indian lady - Photo 10
Elderly Indian lady - Photo 11

Please see the notes below.

Backstory: The cancer hospital in Agra, India - where this treatment was taking place - would not provide any more patients after the first two patients (this lady was the 2nd) started showing clear improvement in their conditions.

We had to leave India for the time being, since no oncologist showed any inclination to cooperate. President of medical college of Jaipur did offer to conduct clinical trials of this treatment later that year, after a committee issued the formal approval, which he assured should not be difficult.

We loaned the GEIPE device to the family of the lady. Her grandson, by now, knew how to administrator the semi-invasive electrotherapy. So the last few weeks of treatment was done under his supervision and he provided the last two photos. They wanted to continue further treatment and waited for my return to India and were willing to travel to Jaipur.

We did go to Jaipur in a few months, but the review committee at the medical college never issued the approval. They did not issue disapproval either. Unfortunately, the president, with whom I had spoken, had retired a month after our meeting. Nothing got setup at Jaipur for me to call the lady for further treatment.

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