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Breakthrough Cancer Treatment
Scientific Publications

►The First Article:

Kulsh, J. (1997) Targeting a key enzyme in cell growth: a novel therapy for cancer. Medical Hypotheses 49, 297-300.

►Latest Publication:

Kulsh, J. (2014) Low-Level Electric Current and Cancer - A Promising, But Languishing Non-Toxic Cancer Therapy.EXPLORE: The Journal of Science & Healing 10(1), 53-54.

Referenced Articles:

Selected sections of a few articles referenced in the primary article:

1. A Table comparing enzyme activity in normal and cancerous tissues from reference 1:

Weber, G. (1983) Biochemical strategy of cancer cells and the design of chemotherapy. Cancer Research 43, 3466-3492.

2. Outcome of first scientific direct current electrotherapy study from reference 4:

Humphrey, C.E., and Seal, E.H. (1959) Biophysical approach toward tumor regression in mice. Science 130, 388-390.

3a. A portion of Introduction,

3b. A portion of Results with the main Table, and

3c. A portion of Discussion (and Conclusion) from reference 7:

David, S.L., Absolom, D.R., Smith, C.R., Gams, J., and Herbert, M.A. (1985) Effect of low level direct current on in vivo tumor growth in hamsters. Cancer Research 45, 5625-5631.

---------------- Full articles can be viewed in any bio-med library. ----------------

The three scientific publications, mentioned above under Referenced Articles make a very strong case for the solid science behind GEIPE cancer treatment – as well as its remarkable efficacy with animal studies. (Later studies confirmed effectiveness of this treatment with humans also.)

The table from 1983 article (Reference 1 above), published in journal ‘Cancer Research’ shows that activity of enzyme Ribonucleotide Reductase (RnR) is, by far, most critical for cancer growth. (GEIPE treatment disables the free-radical-containing-active-site of RnR by mild electric current.)

The first cancer electro-therapy study was published in the prestigious Journal ‘Science’ in 1959 (Reference 4), showing total regression of tumor in 60% of mice, which was outstanding for an initial study.

The animal study published in 1985 in the pre-eminent journal ‘Cancer Research’ (Reference 7), reported 98% shrinkage of tumor – virtual cure – after only 5 hours of gentle electrotherapy over 5 days.
This study has not been followed up in more than 35 years. The reason is not hard to fathom. The establishment of such a highly effective, low-cost and non-toxic cancer treatment would adversely impact the profitability of cancer hospitals.

Should cancer patients keep suffering and dying so that people in the cancer industry may keep their jobs?



Note: Our GEIPE device is best suited to treat visible or palpable tumors like oral cancers (tongue, mouth, palate, lip, neck, buccal mucosa, throat), facial cancers (chin, nose, cheek, head, temple), various skin cancers, some breast cancers and lymphoma. Also, fast-growing prostate cancer.

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