GEIPE Answers to Questions That FTC & FDA Want Cancer Patients to Ask

American Federal Trade Commission (FTC) works with Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and wants patients to ask certain questions before deciding whether to purchase a health-related product or therapy:

Those questions along with answers of Non-Invasive GEIPE treatment are provided below:

Question 1. What is in the product; what does this therapy entail?

Answer: The GEIPE cancer treatment involves low-level direct current electrotherapy. We provide the device, along with instructions. Patients to make/buy appropriate conducting electrodes of Aluminum foil and cloth. They also need to purchase conducting electrodes etc. Non-invasive form of GEIPE is almost like a home remedy and needs to be applied for 4 to 8 hrs per day for 10-15 weeks, on average.

Question 2. What is the evidence that this product/therapy will do whatever the product/therapy purports to do (e.g., counteract the disease or medical condition being treated; relieve symptoms or side effects; lead to better results than conventional treatment)? 

Answer: Please see the "Patients Treated with GEIPE Therapy" link of the website for information about four recently treated patients. The Struggle” page of the web site gives reasons why cancer institutions have not taken initiative to do clinical trials of this treatment. Please also read “Cancer Cure?” page of the web site.

Patients may want to see the following two unrelated links which further boost the validity of GEIPE principle & treatment:
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Question 3. Have results from studies of this product/therapy been published in any peer-reviewed medical journals? Can I have copies of the publications or references to these publications?

Answer: Yes. The “Scientific Publications” page of the web site has a link to the 2-page primary article which documents 10 scientific studies, 3 of which had very positive results with gentle electrotherapy. (Other 7 studies used parameters outside the GEIPE therapy range.) Nine of these studies were done with animals and one with humans. The same page also has links to selected section of the 1985 scientific article published in esteemed journal Cancer Research which reported 98% reduction in tumor mass in 5 hr. treatment over 5 days.  You can go to any bio-med library or write to us to get the full article.

Question 4. How will I know that the product/therapy is or is not working?

Answer: After 2-3 weeks of GEIPE therapy, you should notice arrest of further growth of tumor and attendant relief.

Question 5. What is the evidence that the product/therapy is safe? Are there potential side effects?

Answer: Direct Current electricity at such low-levels is deemed to be safe. For example, most major manufacturers of electrotherapy electrodes include an advisory with their electrodes that patients should not exceed 0.1 watts/cm2. Current and voltage levels employed with GEIPE treatment will generate about one-hundredths (1/100th) of this limit.

We are not aware of any potential side effects. If patients notice some adverse reaction that correlates with GEIPE treatment, they should immediately stop the treatment and inform us of the circumstances.

Question 6. Are there potential interactions with prescription medications?

Answer: We are not aware of any. No studies have been done in this area.

Question 7. What are the training and credentials of the provider?

Answer: Please see “About Us” page of the web site.

Question 8. Is the provider willing to communicate with my primary care physician and/or my health insurance company? 

Answer: Yes.

Last updated: August 31, 2020


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