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Could GEIPE Treatment Lead To Cancer Cure?

It is a distinct possibility that when GEIPE cancer treatment parameters are optimized, they may lead to cure of the disease in many instances. Here is why:

1. In the 1985 study, gentle electrotherapy was shown to consistently and progressively reduce the tumor mass. Five one-hour treatments over 5 days at 2.4 milli-ampere resulted in 98% reduction. 98% is not that far from 100%, or cure. In fact, 4 of the 6 animals in this group had no visually identifiable tumor remaining.

2. GEIPE treatment is based on solid science. Above extremely positive results are in total accordance with the proposed mechanism involving disabling of the pivotal enzyme RR. Other researchers have also obtained favorable results when they used voltage and current in the same vicinity. What is more, scientists at City of Hope National Medical Center, Calif. have observed that concentration of the enzyme RR goes down on passing mild DC current, with concurrent tumor shrinkage.

3. Often, cancer treatments that look so promising with animal models fizzle out when applied to human patients. That could not be the case with GEIPE treatment. After all, humans were the first subjects of low-level electrotherapy treatments in late 18th and 19th century, with positive results. However, as it became easier to produce electricity at higher voltage and amperes, electrotherapy treatments were done at these higher levels and curative effects were seen less and less. Soon the treatment went out of favor. (It is counter-intuitive to think that gentle levels of a treatment will be more effective against this vicious disease.)

4. In case of human cancers, healing effects may not be as pronounced as seen in animal studies for the same duration of low-level electrotherapy. However, there is no need to limit this treatment to any short time-period. Since the GEIPE cancer treatment is non-toxic, and will be non-invasive in most cases, it can be repeated week after week -- leading to a very effective control of the disease, and in some instances, perhaps cure.

5. There is strong circumstantial evidence that cancer is initiated at the site of this enzyme. (Please see the article.) If that is the case, disabling this enzyme is tantamount to nipping in the bud the whole process of cancerous growth. No wonder, people find that the gentle electrotherapy is beneficial even in cases where the disease has metastasized.



Note: Our GEIPE device is best suited for treating visible or palpable cancers like oral cancers (tongue, cheek, mouth, lip, chin, throat, neck), skin cancer, melanoma, carcinoma, some breast cancers, buccal mucosa, lymphoma, tumors of forehead or temple -- and prostate cancers.

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